TwoApp privacy policy

TwoApp works without the use of a third-party server. There is no data being sent to me or any other third parties. TwoApp establishes a connection to Whatsapp's webservers and talks to no one but those very servers.

What data does TwoApp store and what is it used for?

- a cache of 1-20 chats' information such as chat title, chat id and their last message
This enables the app to display the previous chat data during the time it connects to get the new chats.

How can one remove this data?

As no data is being stored externally and all data stays on your iPhone and your Watch, simply uninstalling the app will remove the reference between the app and its data.

Who can see my data?

Basically, no one but you and your chat partner(s) you send those messages to. For more info on how Whatsapps' encryption works, please refer to their documentation.

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